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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December Bucket List- A Look Back

At the end of November, I wrote up a bucket list of the things I wanted to accomplish by the end of December. Here's how it went.

1. Try A Gin And Tonic

This did happen, quite early on actually. It was at work's Christmas party and we had free drinks tokens so I thought 'why not'. The findings- it's amazing!

2. Make Macaroons

I am really disappointed with myself because this just didn't happen. The kitchen has been constantly taken over by Christmas preparation and I've not had the time either. Hopefully I'll find the time and space in the next few weeks.

3. Have An Amazing Christmas Day

It wasn't spectacular by any means but it was an enjoyable day. Amazing food, good company and we had a laugh as a family. Everyone loved their presents and it was lovely just to have some time to relax as a family.

4. Write Up Some Festive Blog Posts

I have to admit, this month I seem to just have moaned a lot about topical things. This needs to stop, I need to be more friendly in January. I didn't spread the Christmas spirit and for that, I am sorry.

5. Try My Hand At Making Tree Decorations

Again, didn't happen. Out tree was bought a week before Christmas because this is Blue's (my dog's) first Christmas with us. We didn't know how he was going to react to the tree so my parents kept putting it off. We eventually got a disappointing plastic tree that could barely hold the decorations we already had, no room for any extras this year.

6. Learn To Crochet

There's a pattern occurring here. I didn't even buy the things I need to learn to crochet. Again, this was a time issue. However, in the new year I will buy the equipment and learn to crochet after work to unwind.

7. Watch All The Christmas Films

I watched Elf more times than I can remember. But then again, it is my favourite. I also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is both a Halloween and Christmas film, just to settle the argument. I think that was it. There were a lot of Disney films also watched.

8. Finish Reading 28 & A Half Wishes

It got so boring so I gave up on it. It's not often that I just give up on books but this was awful and predictable and yes I sang it's praises in the actual bucket list but things change.

9. Get To At Least One Blogger Event

There was one event I was really interested in that was based in Manchester and I think it was hosted by a jewellery shop or something similar. However, that night I had promised my mum that I would go to the Christmas markets with her in my hometown and that clashed with the event. I was gutted but I got some nice things from the market and also ended up seeing my best friend and my cousin, it was a win win situation.

10. Make New Blogger Friends

Well, I have made new blogger acquaintances and I have talked to a few bloggers on Twitter and a group on Facebook that I'm a part of. I'm starting to dive head first into the world of blogging and I'm getting involved in the community slowly but surely and I can't wait to see what January brings. 


  1. I love Christmas films but I've never seen elf before.

  2. Awh, it's nice to set yourself some goals for the month, even if you don't complete all of them it's good to try! I've only just come across your blog because of the Manchester Bloggers group and it's lovely. The group is so fantastic for getting involved in the community x

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