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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life in a Nutshell (Ramblings From Offbeat)

What a mad few months it's been! Just as life gets back to normal, everything gets thrown up in the air, how typical?

Firstly, I graduated! I'm now qualified in Social Media and cannot thank The Juice Academy enough. Just over a year ago I had no prospects; I had dropped out of college, I had no work experience, I was on benefits and struggling a lot. Fast forward to now and I have a whole year's worth of both agency and in-house work, I have money in my savings (not much but it's better than nothing), I have a full CV, a good qualification and friends that will last a lifetime. Keep an eye out for some pictures coming soon, I am very excited to see the day fully documented instead of trying to remember the afternoon in a blurry haze (partly due to being dragged into Turtle Bay during happy hour...).

Over the past week, I have had my personal space completely invaded. The whole house has been rewired and as I write this in the living room, I am staring at ugly brownish grey plaster, cardboard boxes piled high with books and DVDs and a board on the kitchen door displaying a construction site plan and emergency phone numbers. It's grim but it does mean I can go to town decorating my room. I have decided on Soft Coffee in B&Q's Colours paint range which is gorgeous, clean and has made my room look so much bigger. My carpet is getting pulled up tonight ready for a new one on Saturday, exciting times! I have so many plans and hopefully it will let me write about interior design for once.

I'm also planning a huge party for my Nan's birthday. It falls on Halloween and we have decided it would be a shame to pass on it being on a Saturday this year. I'm swimming in checklists, recipe plans and Halloween decorations right now, but I can;t wait to surprise her at the end of the month with all of her friends and family.

I promise I will carry on blogging and although I am very quiet right now, it's going to pick up again soon. You guys, my readers, keep me sane, and even if nobody read the words I write, I wouldn't care. It's annoyed me that bloggers have had their reputation tarnished recently, and I've even heard larger bloggers in various networks talking badly about newer bloggers, which I suppose I could still be classed as, and unfortunately I have realised it is not the welcoming environment I had entered into 11 months ago (can you believe Offbeat is almost a year old?!).

Yes, I have friends in these circles and I have met lots of bloggers who have encouraged me and made me feel like my writing is great, but just a warning for all you budding writers out there; there are the ones who will hold you down and make you feel like your writing isn't great. You will see comments that put you down and make you feel uncomfortable, don't you dare listen to them. Your writing is great, you're doing something productive with your time and you have an outlet. Be confident with your writing and you can be just as great as the elite.

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