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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Gifts for Mum

Can you believe there's only 9 more shopping days until the big day?! Christmas has come around so quickly this year that I have found it difficult to get into the spirit of the holidays, even when I put the tree up which is not like me at all! However, now all of my present shopping is done, my cards are bought and written and I have all my projects planned for the season, I am looking forward to spending a week with my closest family and celebrating being together. 

Whether you want to admit it or not, gifts and presents are a huge part of Christmas, and for some the meaning of the holiday (my personal meaning of Christmas, not being a Christian, is food, family and alcohol, but we'll get to that later) and whilst some people can reel off lists of gifts they would like (I'm looking at you younger siblings), it's usually the older female figures in our lives that are awkward to buy for. Mums and grandmas around the world utter the classic line for months before Christmas - 'I don't want anything but a good day', but I think we have all heard the horror stories of from the people who took this too literally and didn't get them anything, I bet there was hell to pay!

Going off my own personal experiences with buying presents for my Mum and Nan, there are a few fail-safe presents that is guaranteed to impress even the most fussy of mothers.


I have to admit, my Mum's obsession with candles has been passed down in my blood, as both my 10 year old sister and myself don't feel settled unless the house smells wonderful and there are at least a few candles flickering. One trendy scent this season is Vanilla and Bourbon, not the biscuit, but the alcohol. Yankee Candle's Christmas range features a gorgeous sweet version in a variety of sizes. This small votive cost just £1.80, however you would need to buy a votive holder to burn the candle in, which range from around £1.50 to approximately £10.

The larger candle was a bargain. I love shopping in TK Maxx and find the homeware products to be incredible and amazing prices. This larger Vanilla and Bourbon candle came in at £4.99 and has about 50 hours of burning time. I can guarantee that our house will be smelling amazing on Christmas day, all the way up to the New Year.

Corkcicle Air

This one is a bit more unique. If your mum is a wine lover, why not treat her to a Corkcicle Air? The original Corkcicle was simply an in-bottle cooler for wine that chills to the perfect temperature, unlike an ice bucket or, more simply, the fridge. By popping the giant icicle into the freezer until it is completely frozen, you can have perfectly chilled wine each time.

The Corkcicle Air, however, is a little more high-tech. Aerating wine has been popular for years, and is most common with red wines, however, it has been proven that white wines are also improved when aerated. Gifting this gadget will guarantee restaurant-standard wines from the simplest of bottles and for just £19.99, it's a steal!


I have never met a woman who doesn't have her favourite perfume. My mum's usual perfume is Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique EDT, however, as I am shopping on a budget this year I've had to take a cheaper route.

The Cashmere Collection set from Next includes a 30ml EDP, a solid fragrance, a gorgeous candle (can you see what I mean by obsessed?) and a 10ml handbag-friendly EDP. This perfume was discontinued from Next a few years ago for apparently no reason at all, but the look on my Mum's face when I told her that it was back in stock guaranteed that I had made the right decision in buying her this set. Let's hope she is just as thrilled on Christmas morning!

I hope you find this helpful for the more awkward people to buy for. What have you bought for your loved ones this year and what do you hope to find under the Christmas tree on the 25th? Let me know in the comments!

*I was gifted the Corkcicle Air to review, all views are my own*


  1. wow these seem like great gifts, great post keep it up :)

  2. You usually can't go wrong with some smellies and a scented candle. I am always happy to get things like that.