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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Getting Lippy

So lets be honest here, it's the week before payday and I'm broke, as are a lot of other people I know. I know what will cheer everyone up! Buying new lipsticks. "But you just said you have no money," I hear you cry. Yes, you are right, but I got 3 new lipsticks for £2 the other day. 2 whole British pounds. No I didn't buy them from a friend or get special family discount, that is the actual price of MUA lipsticks. You don't have to scrimp of quality, the strength of colour or the packaging either.

I already had the matte Wild Berry lipstick and quickly fell in love with it. Even though it is a matte colour, it doesn't dry your lips, in fact, it hydrates them better than most lip balms, making it a must for the A/W season. It looks like a deep purple colour here, but goes on a bit redder, but still keeping its plummy richness. It also seems to act like a lip stain as its staying power is incredible!

Scarlet siren is another matte shade and looks as if the colour is going to be amazing, I will keep you updated with how I find the colour when I wear it, but it should be positives, I love bright and bold reds.

Shade 1 is my typical lipstick. It has a nice gloss, is amazingly moisturising and is very bold, however with a sophisticated darker twist. This is the first time I had used the MUA gloss lipstick instead of the matte colours and I loved it! My lips felt amazing which is odd for a less expensive lipstick and it stayed on for hours! I was definitely not disappointed.

Now I am always one to take a risk, but Raven is starting to make me nervous. I have wanted to try a black lipstick for a while (I wear a lot of dark clothes and I attend a lot of rock concerts, it's only right) but now I have one in my possession, I keep putting it off. It will be worn one day and I realise that yes, it will probably become my favourite lip colour ever, but for now, let's just leave it be until I grow the balls.

What I love about MUA lipsticks in general is that thy come with little pots of the lip colour that you can unscrew from the bottom of the container. I love this because using a lip brush is my favourite way to apply lip colours but I hate destroying the shape of the lipstick because it makes it harder to apply without a brush in the future. These handy little pots give me the best of both worlds and let me get my own way (and who doesn't love that?!).

Let me just add that the colours are usually £1 each, I got three because of a special 3 for 2 offer that I found about when I went to pay, which was the best feeling ever that I could get more things for free.

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