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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November Makeup Must-Haves

*Excuse the photo editing, still getting to grips with the new app I downloaded*

So for me, November means getting wrapped up in jumpers and wearing some fabulous boots (pictures of the boots that stole my heart to come in the near future). It also means looking fierce whilst fighting against the natural elements, I personally believe I mess up a lot when it comes to eye makeup, so I generally stick to my classic black liquid eyeliner, however, I do enjoy a good bold lip. My favourite lip trend this year has been dark matte lip colours, and after getting a makeover from my amazing friend last year in college, I have been searching for a perfect colour. I am also a bit wary about foundation and stopped wearing it altogether a few years ago, I am blessed with good skin so I didn't feel the need to wear it and I couldn't find the right shade as I have such a pale complexion.

Recently, I have has a makeup revamp. I have become a real girl again and I love playing with makeup looks and trying new trends that I normally take a while to get to grips with. However, I have found three makeup products that I, and lets face it I'm no beauty expert, adore.

These three products have completely changed the way I use make up, and yes, I have complaints about them, but they have completely revolutionised my routine.

I'll start with the first that gets applied. That Gal by Benefit was bought for me as a present as I would never really spend that much on makeup myself. For those of you who do not know, Benefit is a pretty awesome brand but the prices are far too high for someone who had no regular income at the time. It is a base primer and unlike other primers comes out pink so you can see where you have applied it on your face, it does eventually fade though and gives patches of dry skin or larger pores a complete cover. For those of you with good skin, it also helps other makeup, such as foundations, powders and eye shadows, amazing staying power, I find when I use That Gal my makeup stays on a lot longer than it does without it. 

It is currently priced at £22.50 on the Benefit website which honestly, is completely worth it, it lasts forever! Apparently it's meant to brighten your face which I personally haven't noticed and I have used other primers that have minimised my pores and make my skin feel better, but I love this product and stay loyal to it purely for its incredible staying power.

The next product to go on my face is Maybelline's Dream Pure BB Cream. BB apparently stand for Blemish Balm and until only around last year it was only really used in Asian countries, and I am so glad they introduced it to our Western society. I am in love with this product, it makes my skin feel incredible and it is so light that it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Like I said before, I have had endless nightmares in the past whilst trying to find a good foundation for my skin tone without looking completely orange or beige (which explain why I looked ill or like an oompa lumpa in any photo of my from high school) but when I found this BB cream, I stopped looking. I think BB creams are completely better for your skin and keep your skin hydrated instead of traditional foundations that I found used to dry my skin out, forcing me into a strict moisturising regime. The best way to describe this product is as a hybrid of a foundation and a tinted moisturiser. 

This BB cream alongside the others in the range for other skin types retails at £6.99 from Superdrug, however, in both Boots and Superdrug it is always included in deals such as buy 2 get one free (which are my favourites and the reason why I never have any money). It blends so well that it only comes in two colours and again is a product that so far is lasting a good while.

The last product that goes on my face (after my eyeliner but that's coming in a later post), is my lip colour. I switched to lipstick not long after finishing high school. Lip gloss isn't a great idea when you live in North West England and face a lot of wind unless you like having hairy lips. This gloss dries matte though, so even though when it goes on it's the stickiest thing I've ever come across, when it dries it doesn't move an inch and nothing sticks to it. My favourite shade is this deep red called Reckless, however it took me a long time to pick which shade to go with as there are so many to choose from! Reckless looks quite red but goes on a lot darker, which suits the A/W 2014 trends I have seen. My friend suggested I bought Lime Crime gloss when I was looking for that lip colour that my friend used on me and I fell in love with, however at £13 for the same size tube, I didn't think it would be worth it.

This MUA Luxe London lip lacquer is sold only at Superdrug (as far as I'm aware) for £3. Yep, £3. Saving £10. I am yet to try Lime Crime's products, however I can't see them being very different. As with most matte lip lacquers, this colour wears off quite quickly when eating and drinking, especially if it has dried and goes everywhere if you touch it whilst it's still wet, and stains, even skin. It's not one I'd recommend applying during a commute, or an earthquake, or even without a mirror because once it's on your skin, it's there for hours.

Let me know your favourite make up products and what I should try next. 'm always open to shaking my style up a bit.

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