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Saturday, 8 November 2014

So This Is Me

Erm, hi! My name is Emily and I am slightly crazy. But crazy is good right?

I've tried to keep my little corner of the internet tidy and polished but for anyone that knows me, that is the most impossible thing for me to do. So here I am fresh start, new ideas, new knowledge and hopefully a little more wary about what I can and can't say on the internet. This blog will hopefully cover a little bit of everything; my life, food, travel, beauty, weird national holidays, so let's just call this a 'lifestyle' blog. Hopefully over time I end up focusing on one thing but for now I have too many ideas for that to be possible. The only suitable picture for this profile was a little outdated so here is me now:

Lip pierced, turquoise hair, you know, the usual.

I work in digital marketing in Manchester and I love my job! I also enjoy roller derby, going to gigs and being spontaneous (not too spontaneous, I'm not completely mad). You're probably most likely to see me on public transport or out in Manchester at some point because half of my life is spend travelling to and from work, this isn't me complaining, I'm just stating facts.

So buckle up kids, it's going to be a good one.

P.S. It makes me laugh how Blogger flags 'blog' as a wrong word, it's what you provide!

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