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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why Procrastination Can Be Useful

I'll be the first to admit, I can procrastinate for Britain. But it's never the major things. My apprenticeship work is completed as soon as I can, work at work gets done as it comes in, but when it comes to personal motivation and drive, there's nothing. I always think: I need to blog, but it can wait another five minutes. That's why my other blogs failed. But here's the thing: I've learnt. I learn things everyday at work, and I learn things at my training provider, but I also learn things about myself when I'm faced with a new task, and this time I learnt procrastination can be a brilliant thing.

Firstly, rushing work is never good, and a little hesitation can help. Procrastination could help you come up with ore ideas before starting a project or simply give you more energy to do it later on, as long as it does actually get done. It also gives you a bit more time to look over your work if you're procrastinating over sending work off or publishing a blog post, one more chance to notice a huge mistake or to add a new point. 

Procrastination also gives us time to think, which I suppose is very similar to my last point, however, it gives us time to think about the little things: why am I doing what I am doing? What makes me happy about what I am doing? Who else can help me? Where is this going to take me? When will this help me? How am I going to make this successful? If we don't take a moment to sit back and think about these things, we may as well be robots. If you realise something doesn't make you happy, or your task isn't going to benefit anyone,stop doing it! This could also work for people about to commit a crime, but lets not go there.

So when you're next putting off that task you know has to be done, whether that's cleaning the dishes (I'm looking at you students) or handing in that report for work; ask yourself the questions then get on with it, because a little bit of procrastination is okay, a lot is not.

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