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Saturday, 6 December 2014


When I was around 13, I thought the horoscopes in magazines were going to tell me exactly what was going to happen in my life. At one point, I got so obsessed that I was paying 20p a day for text alerts to tell me what was going to happen; was I going to be lucky in love, find riches, or fall out with a friend? I needed to know. I soon realised the generic crap they were feeding me probably wasn't going to happen.

Being a Gemini, there are a few character traits that I should have, I've done my research to try to somehow prove that horoscopes should really be taken with a pinch of salt.

Geminis are often soft spoken, inconstant, superficial, emotionally unreachable and scared of commitment. I'd quite like to think that I am none of these things and I am actually the complete opposite to a few; I commit too easily, I open up way too quickly about personal things and I am far from soft spoken (this one
actually made me laugh).

But, I am prone to banter, anxious, a good friend, enthusiastic, versatile, curious, creative and I have a passion for novelties. Which isn't looking great for my argument.

I found in a pretty in depth analysis of my star sign that there are a few jobs I should also be interested in. This one also threw out a few curve-balls but I have to admit, there are a good portion that I have considered in the past or I am doing right now.

The jobs I didn't really engage with were inventing, politics, law and product development. However, acting, journalism, events management, sales, teaching and writing were all possibilities for me during the past 4 years or so and looking at careers. PR was also on the list which I suppose I'm somewhat doing now and I would love to expand into this role in the future.

So whilst it's not very scientific. I suppose I can't argue that sometimes horoscopes and predictions can be quite accurate. I don't think that they shape us fully but I guess that the time of year we are born may influence the way we act and behave in the future. As for guessing what will happen, I'm yet to be persuaded, but I am still hoping for that handsome stranger to walk into my life...

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  1. I can never decide whether they are true or whether I try and make them true by linking things that shouldn't be linked! Its a weird one but I always love reading them just in case... Lucy, xx