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Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Best Books I Ever Read

I keep it quite quiet that I'm a major bookworm. If I'm honest, books mean a lot to me, my mum read to me when I was little, I learnt a lot of important life lessons through books and I have turned to books and escaping to fictional worlds when times get tough to live my life though someone else's eyes and sometimes even see that other peoples' lives are not as bad as mine. There a few a few of my favourites, although it's very hard to choose!

1. To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee

This is and I believe always will be my favourite book. I read it during my GCSEs and started to hate it when I had to read into every little detail in depth, but after rereading it a little while later, I fell back in love with it. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl called Scout and is based on her adventures with her older brother Jem and their net door neighbour Dill. Her dad, Atticus Finch, is a well respected lawyer and is working on a very important case where a black man had reportedly raped a young, white girl in the Deep South during the early 1930s when racism was at its height.

The story sees Scout looking up to her father and following his court case without really knowing what's going on whilst finding out more about the secrets of their town Maycomb and the people within it including a family in severe poverty and a man who got locked up for apparently killing people in the town. With a lot of twists and turns, I'd definitely recommend this read for anyone who wants a good plot that they can sink their teeth into.

2. Paper Towns - John Green

There are no words to describe my emotional attachment to this book. John Green quickly became my favourite author after I started reading A Fault In Out Stars (before the hype- may I add) and I think he is the best person ever (I mean have you ever seen Mental Floss?!). This book is about a guy and a girl who quickly form a very tight bond, and after she goes missing, he wants to find her, badly. It explores the themes of emotional attachment and obsession beautifully and being a person who gets attached to objects and people quite quickly, I believe John portrays this amazingly.

The characters are 100% loveable and are really easy to identify with. The movie is set to come out next year, I don;t fully agree with the casting and I believe there are many other people who could play the female lead better than Cara Delevigne (most people would actually) and I know a lot of Paper Towns fans agree with me. If you enjoyed TFIOS, you will love this even more, to me, it's John Green's most underrated book, which quite frankly shouldn't be the case.

3. The Gruffalo- Julia Donaldson

Okay, so it's a kids' book. I literally don't care. The Gruffalo is a cute little story about a mouse who avoids his predators by telling them about a giant grizzly monster called the Gruffalo. Little does he know that the Gruffalo is real and scares his predators into not eating him. It's charming, it's adorable and it has a sequel- The Gruffalo's Child. I don't care how old you are; if you haven't read this before go and do it. Right now. It won't take you long.

4. Hush Hush- Becca Fitzpatrick

This one is a little bit cheese and there's a whole saga but this is the only really good book in it. Now that that's out of the way, I read this book about 5 times back to back when I was in high school, just after the Twilight craze kicked off (a saga I never actually finished). It's about a guy who is a fallen angel and a girl who falls in love with him and then finds out he is hiding a huge secret.

I suppose this book is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I'm supposed to have outgrown it but I still do have a soft spot for Patch and Nora. It's a typical teen romance story with the supernatural edge. Like Twilight but better written, with a better plot and more relateable characters. Okay, so it's not much like Twilight.

5. Unknown

This is really bad of me but there is a book that I adore and I lent it to my nan and I can't for the life of me remember what it is called (so if anyone knows, can you let me know please!). It's about a young girl who has grown up in a cult in America and one day gets forced to marry her 70 year old uncle at the age of around 15. She seeks refuge in books (a lot like me but I;m not in a cult or being forced to get married) and gets illegal books from a mobile library to see what life is like outside of her cult. It is a gorgeous book and a quick read but with so much detail, I hoped for a sequel but it never happened.

If you, like me, love books and want to share, I'd love you to! Comment on this post and who knows, we might even have a new blogger book club, that would be awesome! Let me know if there are any good reads that I should delve into because I've just left a very predictable, boring one behind.

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