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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Share Some Love This Christmas

Okay so Christmas is coming up very rapidly and apart from having all my presents bought and nearly all of them wrapped, I;m completely unprepared, we don't even have our decorations up at home yet! I usually write a Christmas list to help my friends and family who wish to buy me gifts because they normally tell me I am difficult to buy for (apart from my best friend who always knows what to buy for me). So, here goes:

  • 'Wreck This Journal' by Keri Smith, have a peek here
  • 'Finish This Book' also by Keri Smith, have another peek here
  • A record player that also looks like a briefcase (the dotty one from Urban Outfitters)
  • More modern vinyl, preferably: Collide With The Sky, The 1975 & Save Rock & Roll
  • A really cool piece of unique artwork to hang in my bedroom
  • More candles (I like all smells)
  • Cushions for my bed, the quirkier the better
So I hope this gives you all an idea of what I might be looking to get this Christmas. I realise this post makes me look really materialistic, but really, I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and make new memories, most of my favourite childhood memories come from the festive period. I also love to give to charity during this time and last year I helped my college send 40 (or so) shoeboxes over to Romania for orphans and children living in severe poverty. Apparently they loved the fact that nearly every box has soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste in, some of them didn't even know how to use them which broke my heart.

I suppose the point of this post is, share some love this Christmas. Giving a little bit of money, or even your time, to a local charity or to someone far away will help them enjoy Christmas as much as you will this year. It upsets me that people spend Christmas lonely, or ill, or in poverty when there are people out there with spare time and spare money who could give them something to make their holiday season a little brighter. Spend some time with a lonely older person, help the homeless find somewhere to spend the colder nights and hopefully get back on their feet, or just give your spare change to the charity collectors that are dotted around at this time of year. Do something to make this world a little better.

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