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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I Dream Of Decor

Flicking through decor magazines and dreaming up my perfect rooms has been a pastime of mine since I can remember. For a number of my childhood years I wanted to be an interior designer and go into people's homes and be one of those experts you see on TV transforming people's homes and making them cry.

Safe to say, that didn't happen.

But I still love dreaming up new rooms and the time is coming for me to have a complete change round n my own bedroom, so finding accessories, both modern and vintage, is becoming a slight obsession of mine.

Thank god for Polyvore right? These are a few things I am looking to put in my bedroom when the time comes. The bedside table will be made by my own hands (my very first DIY project, I know, I must be crazy!) The table legs are going to come from IKEA and I'm keeping my eye out in charity and vintage shops for a navy blue suitcase. 

I also have a fascination with quirky accessories and this golden pineapple is one of these. I plan to buy either this exact one or a pure white porcelain one. Who know, I might buy both! I've also seen some really random red velour Asian-style head statues, a giant chrome shoe that looks like an over sized Monopoly piece and some lanterns, all in TK Maxx. I have a feeling most of my bedroom will be coming from that shop.

I also wish I had the room for this beautiful chair. I love the colour and it looks so comfortable. Stupid small room. 

The lights I chose are the neon sign (the rustic charm is very up my street), the bubble lights and the giant ampersand. I love the style of the ampersand and have also seen this style on stars and words. The old school Hollywood glamour mixed with a bit of vintage rust is perfect for what I'm aiming for.

The pictures are all going to be my own memories and I plan on having a huge collection in one area of my room. I'm going to need a lot more credit on my Photobox account...

I hope I can achieve my dream room. In all honesty, I don't think I'll ever be completely happy with it and I will constantly be swapping accessories and pictures around just to keep it fresh. Now to find a colour I won't change my mind about 5 minutes after it's been painted. Wish me luck!


  1. I like what you've chosen! The chairs are lovely :) We've bought a house but may have to move again soon so I'm not trying to decorate too much just incase. I love polaroids so we have loads of them up around the house!

  2. lovely choice of decor! i love lots of little pieces as i move alot x