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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Typical Hair, No Damage

I've had my fair share of hair colours over the past few years, from natural to downright Disney character. It's also safe to say that my hair has been subject to a fair deal of damage due to bleach, dyes, backcombing and heat, so I've decided that, for a time, I'm going to create some awesome hair but keep my hair safe, I need to to stop snapping!


Creating what is a trademark look for a lot of girls can come with a lot of damage, but there are ways around avoiding the heat that causes stress to hair. One way I like to tame my hair is by deeply conditioning. I have quite straight hair naturally, but by slathering a straightening conditioner on your hair for a while before washing it all out and blow-drying on a low heat, you should get the results you want.

If you want a quick fix and are a lover of heated products, try investing in a good heat protecting spray. Just spritz and straighten and you're ready to go.


I've always been a lover of big hair. Since I was around 13 and discovered backcombing, I have been aiming for the biggest hair I can handle. However, with backcombing comes breakages and with breakages comes shorter hair (which I don't suit at all). I've now resorted to gaining volume in my hair in other ways.

One way I have recently discovered is by using volumising dry shampoo. It lifts your roots to create a bigger look whilst making your hair look freshly cleaned (great for lazy days). I recommend COLAB volumising dry shampoo. It has a lovely oriental scent and makes my hair look great without any damage whatsoever! And it have been proven that dry shampoo can make you hair look GREAT!


Curls can be the easiest look to achieve without heat, for me anyway. Letting my hair dry naturally in a tight bun usually gives me loose waves and if my hair was in better condition, thinner, or with more layers, I think this could a achieve a curlier look.

Any other way to achieve curls is to wrap wet or damp hair in curlers. Buying over night curlers and a hair net may look a bit too granny-chic, however, they will keep the rollers gripped overnight comfortably whilst giving you gorgeous curls in the morning with very little effort.

*Thank you to the lovely people at COLAB who supplied me with a can of their Extreme Volume Tokyo dry shampoo to try out.*


  1. I love dry shampoo as I have dry frizzy hair so I need to oil the lengths regularly but sometimes the roots can get naturally greasy and flat so they could do with a lift.