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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Let It Snow

Snowmageddon and Thundersnow. Two of the words I have heard most over the past few days and yes, it's rather white outside, which means it's very cold.

My favourite way to wrap up is to layer. Tights, leggings, vests, shirts, hoodies, coats, socks, you get the drift. But when I got sent some velour-lined tights and leggings from Charnos, life became a little easier. The almost furry inside texture means I don't have to layer anymore and the tights are pretty much leggings in their own right with built in socks. The tights are 400 denier and completely opaque so they can't be seen through at all. I wore mine today with my favourite Urban Outfitters over sized shirt, fluffy slipper socks, Dr Marten's boots, a vest, my trusted parka coat and my Kill Star pompom beanie. Cosy,

This is my pooch's first snow day and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Have a look at Mr Blue Sky's (Blue for short) first walk out in the snow:

*Thank you to the lovely people at No Bull and Charnos for sending me out some leggings and tights to try out!*


  1. Aww looks like a lovely day! I think the novelty has worn off for me already haha xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  2. Blimey girl, you look like you had an awesome day. I think snow is fun when it first happens then after a while it's like URGH DO ONE ALREADY PLZ. LOL.


    P.S - Love the hair! :)