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Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Liebster Award

How exciting is this?! A huge thank you to She Dates for this nomination, it's crazy to think I'm actually starting to build up a following! She Dates is an awesome blog by a friend of mine (even though I don;t even know her name!). She talks about the trails and tribulations of her love life and is brutally honest with what happens on dates etc. She gives great relationship advice too and keep a sneaky eye out for some content from her soon, right here on Offbeat.

If you don't know what this is; the Liebster awards are a sort of chain mail between bloggers. One blogger nominates 5 others to praise and ask some questions to. The rules go a little something like this:

1. Thank the blogger you have received the nomination from and post a link to their blog.

2. Display the Award on your blog, either by using a widget or just displaying it on the blog post (just like I have).

3. Answer 11 questions about yourself set by the blogger who nominated you.

4. Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve to be recognised through the Liebsters

5. Create 11 questions for each of the bloggers and tell them you have nominated them! Also add a link to your post in case they don't know how it works.

She Dates asked me some awesome questions, and here are my answers;

1. What made you decide to set up your blog?

Boredom. Honestly. I had just settled into my job and when I got home at night and during the weekends I found myself wanting to continue writing like I did in the office but about the things I wanted to, and so Offbeat Emily was born. I never expected it to grow this fast and to become as successful as it has (even though compared to most its not very successful at all yet) and I am very happy with where everything is going and it has also opened up a lot of new doors for me such as meeting new people and a secret project I'm not sure I can say anything about yet.

2. You cover a lot of topics that are hot in the news, what catches you eye about these stories?

Firstly, I come across a lot of news articles when researching at work and a lot of them catch my eye, if I wrote about them all, this would be a news blog! The ones I write about really stand out because I can relate to them. For example, my This Girl Can post. The campaign speaks to me because I hated the idea of going to a gym because I was really uncomfortable with being the bigger girls giving it a go. When I found roller derby, I found a sport that accepted me for who I am and have taken me in with open arms. Through sport, I found a new family and I think it's incredible that campaigns can help people do that. The news articles I write about have a message I feel I can push myself and has helped me in some way, shape or form. Either that, or I have a major opinion on something that I feel needs to be heard.

3.My blog is all about sex and dating, have you ever had a funny dating story?

 Being honest, I've never actually been on a date (sympathy please!) but I was in a sort of relationship with a guy who thought it was okay to start discussing marriage less than 2 months into the relationship. It didn't take long before I finished that. Does that count as funny, or just plain scary?

4. What is your get-up-and-go song? The one that gets you moving?

Because of my love of music, this changes very often. Right now my alarm song is Bad Reputation by Joan Jett, so I guess this will have to do for now!

5. Do you have a favourite blog that you read all the time?

I wouldn't say I have one set favourite because I read so many, it's my job! I;ve come across a few I really like over the past few months so have a quick scroll to the bottom of this post because I've probably nominated them! Oh and She Dates, obviously!

6. Who is your inspiration, this doesn't have to be a blogger?

I've had a lot of influencers and inspiring people in my life so far. The most prominent is my old English teacher from high school. She once wrote a speech for us before our GCSE exams about stabilisers. The school was our metaphorical set of stabiliser, however, once we had taken them off we had to go out on your own and balance ourselves. Getting started without the stabilisers would be difficult and sometimes we would fall, but once we learnt how to manage without the stabilisers, we would learn skills that would last us a lifetime. This will always stick with me and when I start to doubt myself, I always recite that speech in my head.

7. What is your favourite colour?

Turquoise. I don't think I'd be mad enough to dye my hair this colour if it wasn't my favourite!

8. Do you have a favourite post you have written?

This is a very good question! This is probably my This Girl Can post from before as it gave me the chance to really dig deep into something I believe in. It also gave me the chance to talk to my roller derby family about how they feel and feature some of their opinions which means a lot to me.

9. What is a day like in the life of Offbeat Emily?

Lets go for a week day because no two weekends are ever the same. I try to wake up for 6am, this never happens so I rush getting ready for work to be out of the house for 7am. I get dropped off at the train station (thanks Mum!) and I catch the train to catch a metro to catch a bus to work. I stop at Greggs for some apple juice if I have the time and the money and stroll to work. I turn my computer on, do some work (which again, no two days are ever the same) and have a chat with my coworkers, go to buy my lunch and some crispy M&Ms (my diet downfall), eat lunch and work again. I finish work at 5:30pm most days (5:00 on a Friday) and take the long trip home again. I'm usually home for 7pm by which time I'm ready for something to eat and a good chill out after a long day. God knows where I find time for this blog!

10. What would you like to say to new bloggers starting out?

This is not an easy hobby, or just a way to get free things or recognition. No you will not become Zoella overnight because running a blog takes hard work. At first you will think 'why is nobody looking at what I do' then all of a sudden you;ve hit 1,000 views in your first 3 months and the rest from there is an amazing roller coaster full of events, PR companies and awesome people. Good luck!

11. Which Disney princess would you be and why?

This is difficult. I really love Ariel but I love the quirkiness of Alice (yes, I know she's not a princess but I don't care). So I'd probably have to go for Alice because I share a lot of her qualities; too curious for my own good, confident and a little bit mad.

My nominees are (pause for dramatic effect):

1. Oh So Gawjess

Her blog is a perfect mix of mummy-ness and lifestyle and she's a lovely girl!

2. Magpie Jasmine

I love her honest make up reviews and often have a look to see if she has reviewed a product before I go out and buy it myself

3. JennieWren3

I met this girl on my course and instantly became friends with her. Her blog is awesome and she has just gotten back into blogging on a more regular basis! Go and check her out and tell her I sent you!

4. Connor's Little Life

This gut has been one of my best friends for a long time and after bugging him to start blogging he finally has! He's a blogging newbie so go and give him your support

5. Hungry Healthy Happy

The delicious and healthy recipes on this blog make detoxing and dieting easy! Dannii looks fantastic and she's even recently signed a book deal! You go girl!

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