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Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Most Wearable Trends S/S 2015

Spring is coming around, and fast. It seriously only feels like a week ago that we were celebrating the New Year and now BANG it's February. I felt like this year's Spring and Summer releases were very unwearable and some pieces felt like they would never be able to be worn outside, or even just around the house in case you caught sight of yourself in a mirror. I mean JPG's Mexican Wrestler collection really isn't something anyone would wear in public, unless, of course, you are a Mexican wrestler.


Wearing yellow is just the norm for some people. Trying on items of clothing before you buy them lets you see if the shade suits your skin tone, as no matter what your skin's shade is, there will be a shade of yellow that will compliment it beautifully. This may take some time, however, when you find the perfect yellow garment, it will radiate summer vibes and cheer everyone up. There is a reason Mr Happy is yellow, you know.


This print can be a hard one to pull off and I've seen it done wrong quite a few times. To avoid the picnic blanket look, aim for tailored pieces. And for those who are a bit put off by gingham, try using the print in accessories such as bags, purses and even phone cases. It's a spring staple and there are some great summer dresses in a gingham print hitting the high street this year.


Monochrome never really goes out of fashion does it? Black, white and grey scale are brilliant for either dressing up or dressing down. Using blocked shapes of the contrasting colours can create a very dramatic effect, whereas smaller prints can create a dainty, girly look. It's easy to wear and very hard to get wrong, a classic staple that can be tailored to fit ANY style.

Shirt Dresses

A personal favourite, shirt dresses are awesome for summer. The lighter colours are perfect for summer, however, if you want to keep a rocky edge, wearing a plaid shirt dress can work just as well as a plaid shirt and jeans. The comfortable dresses are a great way to keep cool whilst looking awesome. I'd wear one of these for work with a paid of flat ballet pumps or to make the outfit a bit edgier, a pair of Converse or Doc Martens.

Blue & White

As a lover of all thing nautical, I adore this trend. Wearing blur and white together conjures up feelings of sailors in uniform and the foam coming off the sea. However, it doesn't just have to mean a life at the high seas. Blue and white have been the choice of the minimalists for years. A shirt and blue jeans, a blue dress with a white trim or a striped cardigan; whichever way you choose to wear blue and white, be sure to be aware of other clashing colours that could make or break an outfit.

Have you tried any of these trends yet, or do you have big plans for creating your own offbeat statement? Let me know, or even better, show me!