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Sunday, 8 February 2015

App Review: Vinted

Forget Depop, Vinted is the best app for buying second hand clothes and accessories. Scouring round charity shops and vintage boutiques is one of my favourite ways to pass time, and now I'm finding second hand gems without even leaving my bed! After trawling through Ebay and staggering through Depop, Vinted has made it easier to find the clothes you want.

After entering your account details, you;re given the choice to enter your clothing size and shoe size and you can also choose certain brands to appear on your feed. This can be anything from Primarni to designer pieces, I see a lot of Vivienne Westwood when I'm looking for something new! 

For me, shoes are a must, and after finding my favourite brands, I have the shoes I missed out on when they were released in the shops. My Iron Maiden Vans are a personal favourite. They came in perfect condition and I even ended up buying a pair of Iron Fist heels off the same buyer a couple of weeks later.

My most recent purchases are a vintage-style carpet box bag which was originally from Primark and a pair of maroon brogues which were originally from Urban Outfitters. Paying £25 for both items, I saved a lot of money compared to what the seller would have paid in the shops. A great feature on Vinted is that you can also see how much the seller originally paid for the product, so you know if you're getting a good deal or not.

I would recommend Vinted to any fashion addict on a budget, or if you just want to curb how much money you actually spend on quality clothes.

Just a reminder, Vinted items are sold by individual sellers, just like Ebay, so be careful who are are buying from, check the pictures and ask questions to make sure you;re getting what you want. I haven't experienced any negative comments or poor quality items yet, but you never know who is trying to get your money.

Happy shopping!

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