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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Making An Effort

So I have decided to make more of en effort to dress nicely when I go out because towards the end of 2014, all I wore was black leggings and baggy tops, attractive, I know. When I got spoilt on Christmas day with some gorgeous clothes, I decided I would go shopping during the sales to pick up some extras to create some kick ass outfits for January 2015.

My first outfit (which was the first real outfit I wore in 2015) was like this.

The dress is from Black Milk which is an awesome Australian online retailer who create the most amazing pieces of clothing with Lycra and Nylon, the same materials as swimming costumes. They have a very unique feel and stretch to them that make them possibly the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn and at amazing prices for hand stitched pieces, I'd recommend BM to anyone.

I styles their 'We're All Mad Here' Reversi Dress with a black, very fine knit jumper from H&M which let the print from the dress peek through. I also wore my favourite chunky black heeled Oxford boots from River Island (I couldn't find an image of the ones I have, the heel on my pair is a lot bigger, I need all the help I can get) and my trusty small black bag from F&F (again, slightly different to the one pictured, mine doesn't have the padlock).

I accessorised using a black bracelet that I have had for a long time and silver lightening bolt earrings from H&M that I adore. I kept the accessories simple as the print from the dress is very kooky and I felt like toning it down slightly for work.

I wore my usual black eyeliner, my redish pinkish Ted Baker lipstick and a touch of Soap & Glory's Thick And Fast mascara. Of course, I still have my turquoise hair which I think clashed amazingly with the print of the dress. I messily curled it in the morning, yes I meant it when I said I was making an effort!

I still have loads of pieces I can team together to make more of an effort for work and even just shopping. Although there are still a lot of pieces I have my eye on, January's wages aren't going to last very long!


  1. love the dress! xx

  2. Oh I have been just the same of late and have vowed to make more of an effort too. I love the dress it is so pretty!

    Keeley x