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Sunday, 22 February 2015

An Aloe Revelation

Since I can remember, and even before that, I have suffered from eczema. Yes, it's itchy, yes it's blotchy and it only flares up when I get stressed, therefore making me even more stressed. It's a vicious cycle.

But what if I told you, I've found a cure! A cure for all life's dry patches and itchy skin. Aloe Vera. I have always associated aloe with burns and soothing, but for some reason I have never tried it on my problem skin. Until now that is. A Passion For Natural is a great brand i have recently been introduced to and it couldn't have happened at a better time. My stress levels are at an all time high and therefore, my skin is awful. Using 2 products for a little while has tamed my skin and let me get on with stressing about other things.

I am a huge fan of so many body scrubs and for years I have relied on them for silky smooth skin and to help with the problem skin issues. This body scrub has a very mild abrasion but oddly, works better than a lot of body scrubs I have used in the past. It smells very fresh and natural as it has no perfumes in, which is great for those with very sensitive skin.

I was very sceptical the first time I opened the pot, it looked a lot like yoghurty porridge and had a very thin texture. However, when I actually used the scrub, I realised the chunks were brilliant for abrasion and didn't disappear almost immediately like some other scrubs. I had to use quite a lot because of the thin texture, but there was still loads left in the tub. The scrub is £10.95 from the A Passion For Natural website.

Having an Aloe Vera gel around the house is always handy, especially in the summer when sunburn becomes a major problem for the fair skinned like myself. However, I am also prone to burning myself all year round on ovens, grills, hot food, candles, lighters, you name it, I've probably burnt myself on it, and Aloe Vera is always great for soothing burnt skin, sometimes even better than the whole running cold water over it procedure. It's faster and, for me, a lot more effective.

It's also brilliant for irritated skin all year round. Heat rashes, irritation from waxing or shaving and flairs of skin problems can all be solved by using Aloe Vera Gel. When I used it alongside the scrub, my skin felt heavenly and there were no itchy patches at all. I think it would also be great for those who haven't even got irritable skin because it has made me skin so smooth, I have swapped my usual thick body butter for this gel a couple of times a week. It is also available from the A Passion For Natural Website for £7.69.

I can't wait to try some more Aloe Vera products from A Passion For Natural to see how else they can help my problem skin. I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone, problem skin or not.

*A huge thank you to a Passion For Natural and the team at No Bull Comms for sending me some products to sample*

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