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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Be Happy Doing The Daily Grind

It's so important that you're happy in your job. Unhappiness in work leads to stress, mental health issues and let's face it, bad work. I've had a few friends recently question the job they are in, and if it is right for them, and I think there are a lot more people out there during this time of year who are starting to question why they do what they do. Here's the advice I gave to my friends:

1. Make Sure You're In The Right Job

This sounds like one of those things that's easier said than done, but if you really hate your job, start looking elsewhere. If your job doesn't use the skills you have, either naturally or learnt through school and previous work, you need to start looking for something else. There will be a company out there who is looking for your exact skill set, all you need to do is find each other.

Don't leave your current job without having something else planned out and waiting for you. I can't stress that enough, just hold on until you find something new. It's better to have a job you hate than no job at all.

2. Challenge Yourself

Are your deadlines so far away that you feel you can just sit and relax all day? Change your deadlines yourself to meet your own targets. Your manager will notice this and start setting more challenging and complicated work that you will receive more praise for as you will have demonstrated how hard you can actually work.

If you don't challenge yourself, your work will get easier and easier and it has been found that having too little work to do can cause just as much stress as having all of the work.

3. Stick It Out

If you're new to a role and you feel it just isn't working for you, keep trying at it. The longer you are with a company, the more they will trust you and value you as an employee, so your working life will improve. You'll learn, get to know the people you work with and really get to grips with the work you are doing. If it still isn't working out after a few months, then you can consider a change.

The right job is out there for everyone, it's just sometimes it's too difficult to find. If you can't find the right job, why not make your own? Freelancing, contracting and even becoming a business owner are becoming easier with grants, support networks and companies designed to help you along the way.

Try something new, it might just be the thing that makes you.

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  1. haha I love this gifs! :D I am lucky one, I love my job <3 I am interior designer and I found the perfect place :) Very inspiring post!

  2. I am lucky that I love my job, sometimes it doesn't even seem like work! Do you like what you're doing? x

    1. I suppose so, there's a lot of things I'd rather be doing though x