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Monday, 2 March 2015

Two Sugars, No Milk

Hot drinks are a must for grim weather, on commutes, in the office, chilling in bed, I always have a mug in my hand. I've also found that discovering new drinks is not just something to do in coffee shops. I always pick up obscure and interesting things for my hot drinks and most of the time, I enjoy them, so no money wasted! Here's a few of my favourites.

Fruit Tea

There's nothing I love more than a good cup of tea. Fruit tea that is. Since I can remember, I have hated normal tea with a passion and I've never been able to get a taste for it and a few years ago I got introduced to fruit teas. Raspberry, Loganberry and Strawberry was my first and I fell in love. If you love warm juice, you'll love this.

Right now I love Twining's fruit teas, especially their Pomegranate and Raspberry and Cranberry and Raspberry tea bags. They're perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth as they really satisfy sweet cravings whilst actually being pretty healthy (they only start to become bad when you put 2 sugars in per cup... guilty!).

Fruit tea is also perfect for people who need to avoid caffeine as part of their diet but enjoy a warm drink. Finding completely caffeine warm beverages that taste good can be a pain, but the search is over!


I discovered Brew La La Coffee in the food section of my local TK Maxx just before Christmas. My family are going through a coffee rediscovery right now after buying coffee beans by accident and then deciding that instead of taking them back we would buy a coffee bean grinder and a cafetiere. When buying a Candy Cane flavoured coffee, we had no idea what to expect.

It turns out it's pretty minty and numbs your mouth like a menthol sweet would. I personally love it but the rest of my family are unsure, so it might be one to steer away from if you're not into strange tastes or feelings. They also have Cherry Pie coffee, Caramel Apple coffee and Red Velvet coffee so again are brilliant for those with a major sweet tooth (like me).

Of course, normal coffee can be just as good. I recently bought some small bottles of the coffee syrups that most coffee shops use so I can create my own barista coffee at home, and it saves me a hell of a lot of money compared to stopping off at Starbucks or Costa every time I pass one.


I have too many mugs. I get told this by my mum on a regular basis, but each does a different thing. My smaller mugs are great for a quick drink before I leave the house for work, but my deeper mugs are great for kicking back on Netflix Sundays.

My current favourite is my panda mug. It's black until it heats up and becomes and adorable little panda and instead of a normal handle, you use the ears to drink, until it becomes cool enough to wrap your hands around. It's one of my deep mugs for lazy days in bed and as I have a tendency to burn my mouth when my drinks are too hot, the colour feature is brilliant. I know my drink is cool enough when my panda gets a little bit grey. The shape of the mug keeps my drink at the perfect temperature for a while which is great for people like me who get distracted very easily. You can buy it for yourself from IWOOT for £9.99.

Do any of you have a favourite mug? Share them with me using #TwoSugarsNoMilk on Instagram and Twitter.

*Thanks to the guys from Thumbs Up! for sending me my new favourite mug!*


  1. My favourite mug is my mummy one off my boy for mothers day last year. Having your own mug is a necessity in life!! X

  2. I love your mug. I drink a lot of green tea and fruit tea's. I always want to go for quirky drinks but usually chicken out and order a flat white