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Friday, 6 March 2015

Sun, Sand and Social Media

I get sent a lot of press releases, and most of the time, I'm really not interested (I got one about the menopause and a website that encourages affairs in marriages recently!) but this one really caught my eye.

'Brits spend more time on social media on holiday than talking to their travel companions'. I know us Brits love social media and it's hard to take a break, but why did you ask these people to come on holiday with you when you;re just going to talk to people back at home?!

This research was conducted by One Poll for Topdeck Travel who provide really adventurous holidays for young people. They found that a third of us Brits have confessed they spend more time on apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat whilst on holiday than actually talking to the people they have travelled with. They also found that the average Brit uploads 27 pictures during and after their holiday.

I get it: we just love to boast about our holidays and how much fun we're having. That Instagram selfie in front of that landmark: more likely to be done by a female, whilst guys love to share their stories from foreign adventures. However, instead of sharing this on social media, why not wait until you come back to Britain to share your stories with friends? Whilst you're abroad, soak in the local culture and experience new things.

What made me chuckle the most was the 10 most common holiday social media boasts. These are:

  1. 'Me on the beach'
  2. The hotel room
  3. The hotel pool
  4. Friends on the beach
  5. 'Me being adventurous'
  6. 'Me eating dinner'
  7. 'Me with an animal'
  8. Absolutely anything that will prove I'm in a foreign country (my personal favourite)
  9. Photo out of the plane window
  10. Friends doing something adventurous

I have to admit: I have had friends who have gone on some amazing holidays all over the world and I have really enjoyed looking at their pictures, but come on, do what you went on holiday for. Promise me you'll switch off just a little bit? Thanks.


  1. Ha this is so true! I find it so weird how many of my Facebook friends are posting minute-by-minute updates of their holidays - while they're still on them! I have to say I never do this (Well maybe one or two instagram updates but that's about it) :)
    Jen x

  2. Haha I have to be honest, I'm slightly guilty of holiday pic overload, but I definitely try to stay off my social media as much as I can to get some relaxation in!
    Beckie :)