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Friday, 8 May 2015

Back With A Bang

Hello again! I am back after a little bit of time away and I could not be happier. A lot happened whilst I was away so here's a few little snippets of my life.

Chester Zoo
My little sister turned 10 on the 18th of April (and yes, it made me feel very old). We enjoyed a brilliant day at Chester Zoo as a family and she really enjoyed herself. We saw lots of different animals and I managed to delve back into photography. Here's to a great year for my sister and many great birthdays to come.

General Election
This year I got the chance to vote for the first time. For anyone who is wondering, I voted Green due to their amazing policies for young people and the opportunities they would open up for everyone in Britain, including fairer treatment for women, young adults and people earning less money. I am very disheartened with the overall outcome, but hopefully over the next 5 years, people will realise posh, middle class, rich men are not what this country needs.

I may no longer speak to my longest friend, who I thought I would be best friends with for many years to come, but over the past few weeks I realised I have better friends who care and make me feel great. Sometimes all it takes is a small shake up for you to appreciate those around you, and I wouldn't be so strong if it wasn't for the people I have met in the past 12 months. 

It's not often I talk about my job on here, but I have become so settled and so happy after being signed off work that I realised that yes, this is the place I belong and I am in a line of work that I adore. I am out of the house for 12 hours a day travelling and working, leaving little time for much else, but I honestly so not mind because I enjoy my job so much and could not imagine doing anything else.

Going without the internet for a while almost killed me off. I ran out of data early in the month and learning to find other ways to entertain myself got very boring. It did mean I read more but oh my, did I miss Netflix! Now it's time to binge on Ru Paul's Drag Race and Bob's Burgers...

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  1. Your use of gifs made me crack up! Congratulations on voting, it's my first time too and I did like some of Green's policies. I've got to try Netflix out - my friends have been raving about it!


  2. I voted for the first time too, and I'm really pleased with the result. What saddens me is the amount of hate going around on twitter over the last couple of days when people disagree over who to vote for. Everyone has the right to vote however they want, and shouldn't be criticised or belittled for their choice as long as they made an educated vote. It's great that you're feeling settled at work and are enjoying what you do! I hope I feel like that when I start working. Netflix = life, congrats on coping without it! x

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