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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Brand Favourites

There are some products that I CANNOT live without, but with sensitive skin and hard to control hair, it's hard to find the right products for me.

Micellar Water
If you've not yet used a micellar water, what are you waiting for?! They gently remove make up and dirt build up on your face and they are really soothing. I haven't actually tried any other brand yet, making this a very biased favourite, but I don;t think I will be trying another brand just yet. Garnier's micellar water range are amazing and are the only product I rely on to remove all of my harsh make up without drying up my skin.

Even better, my favourite product is currently on offer at £3.33 in Boots, get it before it goes back up to its full price.

Hair Spray
During London Fashion week I got sent a PR sample of Label.M's hair care products that were used on the models, I found the mousse and texturising spray weren't light enough for my hair and tended to stick clumps of my hair together, but I fell in love with the hairspray. It provide a great light coverage for everyday looks and it can be layered up for a strong hold on nights out.

The Giles Deacon design is limited edition and is a bit pricey at £12.25 a can, but trust me, it's worth it!

I've had a revelation and moved slightly away from MUA lipsticks recently to find something a little more lasting. I found Kate Moss' lipsticks with Rimmel are amazing! I use the Kate Moss matte lasting finish lipstick in shade 107 which might be quite dark for a lot of people, but if you know me, you know that I do not use subtle lipsticks. I'm going to buy a few more darker lipsticks soon and do some swabs so keep an eye out for them.

107 looks quite purpley here, but it's more of a deep plum. It's currently £5.49 which to me is a bargain for the quality of the product.

Hair Dye
Now I know bright and bold hair colours aren't for anyone but I couldn't image my life without them. I've dyed my hair since i was 13, and over the past 5 years, I have used many different brands for my wild colours, but I have now settled on Bleach London's hair dyes. They give a really natural finish and make even the most obviously fake colours look like they could actually be a real hair colour. The graduation gives less of a blocky look which I have noticed with other brands and with Aussie Colour Mate shampoo, the colour lasts for months!

The colour creams are £5 per bottle and go a very long way as they are so thick. My next colour will be Awkward Peach, keep an eye out on Twitter and Instgram for pictures!!

Do you have any favourite products? Let me know what I should try next!

*I got sent some PR samples in line with LFW by the lovely people at label.m*

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