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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Glossybox: May 2015

Is there a better way to start my extra long bank holiday weekend than getting a little box of goodies arrive at my door on the Friday morning? I don't think so. After ordering some clothes online (does anyone really go to the shop anymore?) I used the discount code they sent with my order to sign up to Glossybox, I had heard mixed reviews about the box and the contents that are normally inside, but the only way for me to really decide what I thought was to take the plunge myself and give it a whirl.

Before I even looked at the contents, I was impressed with the packaging. My little pink box showed up looking very sophisticated wrapped in black ribbon, and it felt like a very decadent treat, especially since it is the week before pay day! I had a feeling they had scrapped the naff and cheap products I had heard other bloggers talk about, but packaging can be very deceiving. As they say, don't judge a beauty boxes' contents by it's box.

I was very impressed when I first opened the box and found not one, but two amazing full sized products and three incredible miniatures. Out of the five brands, I am only very familiar with one, and I am really looking forward to trying some new brands and hopefully finding some new favourites!

I was made up to see that one of my all time favourite brands had been included in my box. I can never normally afford Nails Inc products, so I usually take advantage when they are free with magazines or if I am lucky enough to find them in shops like TK Maxx. I find they are very chip resistant and unlike a lot of paler colours, you don't need lots of coats to get the best shade. Unfortunately, Glossybox didn't provide a name for this shade, but it would usually cost £14 for the full size product from Nails Inc themselves.

There is a little life saver in this month's Glossybox. Zerreau have created a revolutionary towel off shampoo that I think would be great for festivals and short breaks this summer. Think of your powdery spray dry shampoo, then triple its potential. This product is a foam that is lathered into the hair like an ordinary shampoo, then simply wiped out with a towel. It promises to release grease and oil, and its gorgeous appley scent is great for the summer. The full size product is only £7.95 from Zerreau Beauty, which I think is a major bargain!

My last miniature is great for the summer. SASS's perfect skin concentrate is great for keeping skin smooth after waxing or shaving as it gently exfoliates to keep ingrown hairs and irritation at bay. It also says reduces hair regrowth, which I don't fully believe, but it's worth a go! The full size product costs £12 from Boots. The packaging also features a quote from my favourite little guy, Kid President.

Onto the first of my full size goodies, and this month, Glossybox have treated me to a moisturising aloe vera gel. You may remember from a few posts ago that I am currently in love with aloe vera products and their soothing properties, and with my skin freaking out at the moment, this product could not have arrived at a better time! This Etre Belle product is usually a whopping £15.93 for just 40ml but it is considerably thicker than other aloe gels I have tried, so hopefully a little will go a long way!

The last product from this month's box is a dual ended eye wand from MeMeMe. The one in my box is two different shades of metallic blue that I am quite unsure about. I am usually the kind of girl to stick to black liquid eyeliner in one style: bold. However, I am willing to give it a go, as I was hoping the products in the box would make me a bit more adventurous with my make up and willing to try new styles. My swabs have rubbed off pretty quickly though, and at £6.95 from a brand like MeMeMe, I was hoping it would last a little longer, but maybe once it is on my eyelids, its staying power will increase.

Overall, I am very impressed with this months box and will definitely be staying on to see what surprises June's box brings. I can't wait to share my new discoveries with you!


  1. I think I could probably do with that Sass product, I have the most annoying ingrown hair on my leg that won't go away!! I love Glossyboxes :) x

  2. looks like a fabulous box of products to try out hun. love the fact they are smaller then your passport so you can fit more clothes and shoes in ur suitcase