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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Explanations and Awareness

This is a bit weird as I haven't posted anything for a whole month now.

Before I get into the deep stuff, yes, my birthday was excellent, even if a panic attack in the middle of the Trafford Centre set a downer on the actual day, the weekend was great and was spent in great company (my lovely family).

The whole of June has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I started the month on strong antibiotics which meant I was sedate for most of that first week, which also meant I couldn't go into work. The second week saw me head back to work, continue my birthday weekend with my coworkers with my amazing Minnie Mouse Cake and a card (I forgot to get some pictures, I apologise!) Then with new targets and discussions about my future at my current company, things took a turn for the worst as I started panicking and getting worked up about my performance and whether or not I would have a job or not after I finish my apprenticeship in September.

Because of this, I was singed off for a fortnight, and after a face to face visit to the doctors, I was signed off for yet another fortnight, leading to a whole month off work. It's been very weird not working for such a long time , and I've been getting bored very quickly with little to no motivation to blog or write anything honestly. My social media is bare, I've got no new blog plans and so much that I need to catch up with. In all honestly, I feel like shit.

I described the month as a roller coaster because it hasn't all been crap. I started talking to my best friend again after not speaking properly for around 6 months. She's keeping me going and if I didn't have her, as well as my mum, dragging me out of the house and forcing me to do things, I would be a lot worse than I am now and this blog post would probably be delayed for another month.

I'm also in the process of being referred for counselling! I've had a few people ask me if this is actually what I want, but I'm actually over the moon! I've been trying to get counselling since all this began 5 years ago, but due to my age, I went sent to the 16-19 team who are based quite far away and getting to appointments would mean taking even more time off work, which I can;t afford to do. Since I turned 19, they have bypassed the system and I'm getting real help. It still doesn't feel real.

As for work, I am due to go back on the 13th which looks like it is going to happen. Until then. I promise I will continue blogging and posting and updating my social media until you all get sick of me, even then I'm going to carry on.

I hope you all understand why I've been so quiet. Remember that if you feel the same, the best thing to do is speak up and let people know how you feel, only then can you get help and feel better. Feel free to email me if you would like any advice on doctor's appointments, mental health or supporting your friends and family members who might be struggling.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Don't feel pressured to blog. You are important, not your blog. Counselling is brilliant, it really worked for me, just takes a bit of work! Expect to feel knackered after your sessions so make sure you have some nice treats at home for yourself :) Take care and I hope work goes ok x x

  2. Oh sweetheart - I'm sorry to hear all this but it's nice to know your are ok. Great news about the counselling - you will hopefully be a new women in a few months! I would really reccommend running for anxiety - it worked for me =)


  3. Things are on the up, Emily. My boyfriend has suffered with extreme bouts of anxiety (I say that as he has had two periods in the past two years of a few weeks which were very hard and intense, but he copes with it very well the rest of the time). He was referred for counselling and recently finished the course. It worked really well for him - helping him to understand his thoughts and feelings better and they also taught him techniques. Hoping you'll start to feel more yourself soon xxx

    Tihe Quick Red Fox